About Us

Goliath Appliance Repair Service is a leading appliance repair company operating in Baldwin Park region. Being a licensed appliance repair company, we focus on making sure that our customers are professionally served. In that regard, we hire trained professionals who uphold to high-level integrity while making sure that each of our customers is happy with the services that we offer. Therefore, when your refrigerator, microwave, cooktop, or other kitchen appliances are faulty, you can come to us for professional services.
Each of the technicians working with Goliath Appliance Repair Service undergoes a proficiency training to make sure they are conversant to the different appliances. In addition, we familiarize the technical team with all major brands in order to ensure confidence when it comes to servicing the appliances. Our staff remains enthusiastic about the kitchen appliances, repairing even appliance with passion. To enjoy discounted rates on appliance repair, consult Goliath Appliance Repair Service. Keep reading to find out more about the services that we offer.

Our Services

Microwave Repair Services in Baldwin Park

A dysfunctional microwave can cause great inconvenience. However, at Goliath Appliance Repair Service we have the technical expertise required to ensure a fast and efficient appliance repair. For repair of the microwave, consult us and we will be glad to assist you. When the microwave is no longer working, we will try our best to reinstate it again. We have access to the original microwave parts and components and we will make sure that your microwave is working again. At Goliath Appliance Repair Service, we have the best tools and equipment required for microwave repair.


Baldwin Park Dishwasher Repair Services

Modern dishwashers are made from durable material. However, just like the other household appliances, the dishwasher will breakdown. This can cause serious trouble for homeowners especially when you have limited time to do the dish-cleaning task manually. Remember that household appliances are meant to provide efficiency. Therefore, when your dishwasher no longer function, it is no longer as easy as used to be. Talk to Goliath Appliance Repair Service for professional dishwasher repair in Baldwin Park.

Refrigerator Repair in Baldwin Park

The refrigerator stands as the most common kitchen appliance. A majority of homeowners use the refrigerator to keep vegetables fresh as well as for storage of food. Trouble starts when the refrigerator no longer stays cool and the vegetables begin to rot while still in the refrigerator. This often leads to losses and food wastage. At Goliath Appliance Repair Service, we will reinstate that refrigerator to the working condition. Consult Goliath Appliance Repair Service immediately you realize that the refrigerator is no longer working efficiently.


Range Hood Repair

For honest and genuine range repair services in Baldwin Park, call Goliath Appliance Repair Service. We service ranges using the right tools and genuine original manufacturer equipment. At Goliath Appliance Repair Service, we have the technical expertise required for repairing different range types. Therefore, we are a one-stop service provider when it comes to range repair services. Our experts will help you when facing range coils not heating when the range ignition does not work well and in case you are experiencing other range error codes. Talk to us today for professional range servicing.

Washer and Dryer Repair Services

Goliath Appliance Repair Service is the number one provider of washer and dryer repair services. Our technicians are familiar with how different washing machines operate. We shall ensure professional repair services and we have the ability to restore your washer in case it is broken-down or does not function optimally.


Cheapest Appliance Repair Services in Los Angeles

Goliath Appliance Repair Service is the preferred appliance repair one-stop shop for reasonable pricing and the best services. Our technicians work day and night to make sure that your appliances function optimally. For budget-friendly appliance repair services, talk to us. We provide upfront pricing to make sure you are not overcharged. Our staff will ensure high-quality services. For a free estimate on the different services that we offer, call us on (818)921-7232. At Goliath Appliance Repair Service, we remain committed to providing our customers an excellent service. Talk to us today!